Well hello 2016…


TCC begins 2016 with three “almost there” (aka pending funds) partnerships with three high schools here in Portland. This is truly exciting; we are so close! Here’s an overview of plans at each site:

  • Grant High School: In partnership with Health & PE teachers, TCC will bring a chef into the classroom of all health classes with Grant’s Fit to Live and Learn program. Every Thursday from March –June 2016 a chef will lead a full school- day of hands-on culinary classes.
  • Alliance High School at Meek: TCC will partner with Science and Natural Resources teacher Joe Ferguson. We’ll bring a chef into Joe’s classroom for six visits in the Sring 2016 where along with learning essential culinary skills students will be focused on: Incorporating farm-to-table curriculum; understanding food security issues as well as “food deserts” in low-income neighborhoods; using permaculture design principles, and exploring career pathways to becoming chefs.
  • Milwaukie High School: An exciting collaboration spear-headed by Hallways to Health (SBHC) leader, Rachael Bowen. TCC will be providing two chef-led classes and two classes focused on food justice for students in the Youth Advisory Council in March-April 2016.

We’ve got partial funds for each of these partnerships, but at this moment, are still short about TCC logo$6,000. Please contact us if you are able help, or go through our donations page!

Along with a few bowls of black-eyed peas and greens, 2016 has begun with an amplified push on fundraising to ensure we can make programming happen at Grant, Meek and Milwaukie High Schools THIS SPRING!

To enhance our efforts, our website will be redesigned during the first months of the yCSA_Recipient_Graphic_2016ear courtesy of the generous (and out-of-box thinking) team at Design Egg. The Curriculum of Cuisine was chosen to receive Design Egg’s 2016 Creative Service Award. This community-funded initiative will provide over $15,000 in design and photography services to six non-profit organizations, and we are thrilled to be one of them.

 Cheers to the many flavors 2016 will bring!


Sweet and Entertaining Collaboration!

October 4th: A Sundae in Three Acts at The Portland Playhouse
Please join us as we collaborate to support one another in creating great theater, inspired ice creams with a story, and culinary education in high schools.

Act I: “How We Got On”

Act II: Learn more about The Curriculum of Cuisine

Act III: Handmade ice cream and a story from Morgan St Theater

images 2
Tickets for the show: http://www.portlandplayhouse.org/howwegoton/
$5 for a scoop directly following the performance & social 4-6pm*
20% of ice creams sales benefit The Curriculum of Cuisine
*Can’t make the show, but still want to socialize over ice cream? RSVP to maggie@thecurriculumofcuisine.org with the number in your party, and meet us at The Portland Playhouse (602 NE Prescott St.
Portland, OR 97211) around 4pm

Seven More Days to Get the Chefwich at Lardo!

A Chefwich benefiting TCC!

Spring Fling Chefwich by Jason French of Ned Ludd at Lardo until May 16th!

Jason French's Chefwich contains...

Jason French’s Chefwich contains…


DSCN0888 Huge thanks to Lisa with Chefstable who helped get those cute Curriculum of Cuisine postcards into napkin-holders and all the folks connected


We are tickled pig (ha, ha, ha, sorry, we couldn’t resist) to be  chosen as this month’s charity for Lardo’s Chefwich.

Not familiar with the Chefwich? Here’s the deal, good-guy Lardo owner Rick Gencarelli calls on a local chef to create a sandwich special. Proceeds from that sandwich are donated to a local non-profit.

If you haven’t been to a Lardo location since April 16th, you’ve been missing out on Jason French’s  delicious Chefwich. The good news is, you still have over one week to get in on the goodness and support us in bringing essential culinary education back into high schools!

We’re having Sunday Brunch. Join Us!

This is a meal months (and months) in the making, and we are thrilled that it’s just five days away on 1/25!

Partnership is the cornerstone of this event, and we are so thankful that many moons ago we met Ms. Amelia Lane and talked all things food, education, future, and possibility with her in a cozy booth at Dig a Pony. Since then, we’ve pondered two distinct iterations of this collaboration. With The Oregon Culinary Institute and Portland Culinary Alliance on board, we realized it was a brunch in which we wanted to pour our creativity and efforts.

It is thrilling to share the list of chefs involved with this benefit brunch, and moreover, offer our gratitude for their time, efforts, and ingredients:

Scott Dolich, Bent Brick; Alissa Frice, Frice Pastry; Emily Kohlhepp, Grüner; Eve DeNies, Trifecta Tavern and Bakery; Lisa Schroeder, Mother’s Bistro; Brian Flick, Pitch Dark Chocolate; Aaron Silverman; Tails and Trotters; and Amelia Lane and Matthew Barbee, Perfect Bake. Anh Lu from Tapalaya

Our event flyer too was reliant on the generosity of students from Alliance High School-Meek who produced a gorgeous vehicle to shout out about this event. Check it out, and get tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/brunch-with-benefits-a-fundraiser-for-the-curriculum-of-cuisine-tickets-14901871900


Whew– it’s been busy, but a message like this makes us pause…

About once a month, we are moved to tears (of happiness, frustration, and honor) when we receive a 
message from a fellow educator elsewhere in the country who is also asking themselves the same 
questions we are about essential food/culinary education and students-- namely: Why isn't it 
happening in schools--everywhere for every student? How can we fund it? 
Why is this such a challenge?

Clearly, we are "in the process" of trying to answer (possibly, dissolve) those questions. While
we are at it, it sure is a gift to make community, connection, and comrades in this work across
the country. 

This latest message arrived Friday--read on... 

Hi Maggie,
I am very interested in the curriculum you're implementing with your class.  
I am an educator as well.  I teach Special Education in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and 
Virginia area. For a few years I've been plotting in my head to find out a way to get individuals excited 
about their health and learning about it early on.  I would love to be able to open up an active camp or something 
that could get people, but more 18 and under moving around and learning about their health.  
However, over the years of seeing how much kids (adults, people, anything living) LOVE food 
and will go above and beyond to earn food I've decided I need to relate a little more and put 
myself in their shoes and asked myself would I rather practice walking around the woods or would I like to learn to cook 
a healthy delicious meal?  
Hmm well, I'm sure you could guess what direction I took as I am writing this email to you. 
As much as I love running and being outdoors I can see students falling in love with and 
wanting to know more about cooking, eating healthy, and perhaps gardening.  
This is also, something I find myself becoming deeply passionate about.
Anyways, I feel like this will turn into a lengthy email.  
To get right to the point I would love to talk more with you and learn more about your process 
and progress.  Is there anyway I can make this happen?
My cell phone number.....
My email address is ....
An excited teacher, looking forward to your response,
Veronica F.  2 images

6/7 Bottoms Up: A Fundraiser for TCC at Pairings Portland Wine Shop!

A couple of pretty amazing items resulted from a recent in-between appointments stop we made at Pairings Portland Wine ShopImage

First was indulging in the best glass of wine (a Riesling, the “Gemini white”) we can recall having –to date.

Second was a solidified deal with Pairings owner Jeff WeisslerImage for a tasting benefiting TCC!

This one day fundraiser is coming up quick, so flash to that calendar app and get this one down:
Saturday, June 7th 2-6pm @ 455 NE 24th. No time for wine before 6pm? Stop by until 8pm, mention TCC, and 5% of your purchase will still benefit The Curriculum of Cuisine
Join us for the Wine, Cheese and The Republic of Jam tasting, or simply the best glass of wine you’ve had in quite some time
                                                                     Hope to see you there!

Elevating Impact + TCC= Community Parnters

We are honored to be a Community Partner with the Elevating Impact Summit this year. Put on by PSU’s Impact Entrepreneurs on June 20th in downtown Portland, the event is a celebration of social innovation across all ages and sectors. Featuring leading social entrepreneurs including Encore.org Founder Marc Freedman, lively panel discussions, a Pitch Fest, Impact Awards, and more, the event highlights innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to solving the most pressing social and environmental problems. Register at www.elevatingimpact.com


One of the innovator and  anchor’s of this summit, Cindy Cooper, has been repeatdly generous with her time and insight and  relative to the development of The Curriculum of Cuisine. I am lucky to have crossed paths with Cindy over four years ago when I brought the first incarnation of TCC to the Social Innovation Incubator (SII). While I didn’t land a spot with the program, I did receive constructive feedback from Cindy that has helped shape the direction of TCC.

I have decided to give another sort of application a whirl for the Summit’s Pitch Fest contest. News about whether or not I made the cut should be coming soon. Either way, it was pretty entertaining to try and capture all of what is wonderful about The Curriculum of Cuisine in less than sixty seconds. You can check out my attempt here: https://vimeo.com/93332030

I will keep you posted if I get the opportunity to pitch!

Regardless, I hope to see you at the Summit on June 20th!


The 5% Day Story

Cheryl arrived at Whole Foods Market Hollywood with a vintage tablecloth that was perfect— soft white and embroidered in tan around the scalloped edges. Like magic, this piece tied together the table’s elements –mason jars filled with colorful legumes and twigs, TCC buttons and business cards. Perfectly perched smack dab in the center between the Hollywood store’s two main entrance ways (thanks to the coordination of the amazing Rebecca Vann Damm,) we were ready to talk food educationImage from 10am-8pm!

I had eagerly awaited March 18th for months. I was excited to spend the day sharing information about The Curriculum of Cuisine, and more so getting feedback on the program from the “public at large.” What I hadn’t anticipated was how nervous I would be when I actually began tabling. Thank goodness (in this situation anyway,) that my natural response to nervousness is chattiness!

Cheryl and I solicited unsuspecting shoppers in by posing one of three questions:

  • ________is the culinary skill I wish I would have learned in high school
  • If only I had discovered how delicious ____(a food)____ was when I was in high school
  • _______would have been useful to learn about food & wellness when I was in high school.

Folks “filled in the blanks” on strips of paper we had printed, and then clothes pinned them to our TCC “trees”. Here’s some interesting tidbits on from the 40+ responses we received:

  • Fruits, veggies and garlic were the delicious foods peoples longed to have experience more when in high school.
  • Meal planning, nutrition education, long term effects of dieting, and simply “how to cook” is what people said would have been helpful to learn about eating and wellness in high school.
  • As far as culinary skills—good news for TCC— those that people wished they had learned are own our menu of options for culinary professionals to incorporate into their 8-10 classroom visits, including: knife skills, how to cook vegetables and cutting vegetables

In addition to talking with “new” friends, the day was peppered with visits from long-time amigos and allies. These are the folks whose presence reminds me to exhale; I am thankful for their support and their purchases!


By 8pm, my voice had gone a little groggy. We packed up the table; now, all the more lovely for the “leaves” of feedback our “trees” had grown throughout the days. On my bicycle I  rode towards home with the best kind of tired—the sort that results from giving your energy to something that your passionate about.

It is my good fortune to share that Whole Foods Market generously returned that energy in the form of  $2,239.98 which was raised for The Curriculum of Cuisine on our 5% day in March.

April 28th: Free, sneak preview of “Fed Up” + Discussion–see you at Cinema 21

We are thrilled to join forces with the distributors of “Fed Up” (a documentary about “the food industry, aided by the U.S. government, to mislead and confuse the American public, resulting in one of the largest health epidemics in history”) to offer Portland a free sneak preview of the film on 4/28 at Cinema 21, 7pm.

We are equally as excited to be a part of a solutions-focused Q & A panel immediately following the screening. Other panelists include: Whole Foods Market, Slow Food Portland, and Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services.

RSVP required, seating is limited: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fed-up-advance-preview-screening-tickets-11273666841?ref=enivtefor001&invite=NTYwNjY4MS9lbW1hQHBpY3R1cmVtb3Rpb24uY29tLzA%3D&utm_term=eventpage


11 Days and Counting to Empty your Pantries…

…and then stock back up at Whole Foods Market Hollywood (NE 42d and Sandy) on March 18th when 5% of store proceeds will go to The Curriculum of Cuisine!

I will be in store from 10am-8pm so please swing by! The teacher in me promises you an Interactive tabling experience. 


So amazing–so, please,  pass it on!