Well hello 2016…


TCC begins 2016 with three “almost there” (aka pending funds) partnerships with three high schools here in Portland. This is truly exciting; we are so close! Here’s an overview of plans at each site:

  • Grant High School: In partnership with Health & PE teachers, TCC will bring a chef into the classroom of all health classes with Grant’s Fit to Live and Learn program. Every Thursday from March –June 2016 a chef will lead a full school- day of hands-on culinary classes.
  • Alliance High School at Meek: TCC will partner with Science and Natural Resources teacher Joe Ferguson. We’ll bring a chef into Joe’s classroom for six visits in the Sring 2016 where along with learning essential culinary skills students will be focused on: Incorporating farm-to-table curriculum; understanding food security issues as well as “food deserts” in low-income neighborhoods; using permaculture design principles, and exploring career pathways to becoming chefs.
  • Milwaukie High School: An exciting collaboration spear-headed by Hallways to Health (SBHC) leader, Rachael Bowen. TCC will be providing two chef-led classes and two classes focused on food justice for students in the Youth Advisory Council in March-April 2016.

We’ve got partial funds for each of these partnerships, but at this moment, are still short about TCC logo$6,000. Please contact us if you are able help, or go through our donations page!

Along with a few bowls of black-eyed peas and greens, 2016 has begun with an amplified push on fundraising to ensure we can make programming happen at Grant, Meek and Milwaukie High Schools THIS SPRING!

To enhance our efforts, our website will be redesigned during the first months of the yCSA_Recipient_Graphic_2016ear courtesy of the generous (and out-of-box thinking) team at Design Egg. The Curriculum of Cuisine was chosen to receive Design Egg’s 2016 Creative Service Award. This community-funded initiative will provide over $15,000 in design and photography services to six non-profit organizations, and we are thrilled to be one of them.

 Cheers to the many flavors 2016 will bring!


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