Whew– it’s been busy, but a message like this makes us pause…

About once a month, we are moved to tears (of happiness, frustration, and honor) when we receive a 
message from a fellow educator elsewhere in the country who is also asking themselves the same 
questions we are about essential food/culinary education and students-- namely: Why isn't it 
happening in schools--everywhere for every student? How can we fund it? 
Why is this such a challenge?

Clearly, we are "in the process" of trying to answer (possibly, dissolve) those questions. While
we are at it, it sure is a gift to make community, connection, and comrades in this work across
the country. 

This latest message arrived Friday--read on... 

Hi Maggie,
I am very interested in the curriculum you're implementing with your class.  
I am an educator as well.  I teach Special Education in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and 
Virginia area. For a few years I've been plotting in my head to find out a way to get individuals excited 
about their health and learning about it early on.  I would love to be able to open up an active camp or something 
that could get people, but more 18 and under moving around and learning about their health.  
However, over the years of seeing how much kids (adults, people, anything living) LOVE food 
and will go above and beyond to earn food I've decided I need to relate a little more and put 
myself in their shoes and asked myself would I rather practice walking around the woods or would I like to learn to cook 
a healthy delicious meal?  
Hmm well, I'm sure you could guess what direction I took as I am writing this email to you. 
As much as I love running and being outdoors I can see students falling in love with and 
wanting to know more about cooking, eating healthy, and perhaps gardening.  
This is also, something I find myself becoming deeply passionate about.
Anyways, I feel like this will turn into a lengthy email.  
To get right to the point I would love to talk more with you and learn more about your process 
and progress.  Is there anyway I can make this happen?
My cell phone number.....
My email address is ....
An excited teacher, looking forward to your response,
Veronica F.  2 images

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