The 5% Day Story

Cheryl arrived at Whole Foods Market Hollywood with a vintage tablecloth that was perfect— soft white and embroidered in tan around the scalloped edges. Like magic, this piece tied together the table’s elements –mason jars filled with colorful legumes and twigs, TCC buttons and business cards. Perfectly perched smack dab in the center between the Hollywood store’s two main entrance ways (thanks to the coordination of the amazing Rebecca Vann Damm,) we were ready to talk food educationImage from 10am-8pm!

I had eagerly awaited March 18th for months. I was excited to spend the day sharing information about The Curriculum of Cuisine, and more so getting feedback on the program from the “public at large.” What I hadn’t anticipated was how nervous I would be when I actually began tabling. Thank goodness (in this situation anyway,) that my natural response to nervousness is chattiness!

Cheryl and I solicited unsuspecting shoppers in by posing one of three questions:

  • ________is the culinary skill I wish I would have learned in high school
  • If only I had discovered how delicious ____(a food)____ was when I was in high school
  • _______would have been useful to learn about food & wellness when I was in high school.

Folks “filled in the blanks” on strips of paper we had printed, and then clothes pinned them to our TCC “trees”. Here’s some interesting tidbits on from the 40+ responses we received:

  • Fruits, veggies and garlic were the delicious foods peoples longed to have experience more when in high school.
  • Meal planning, nutrition education, long term effects of dieting, and simply “how to cook” is what people said would have been helpful to learn about eating and wellness in high school.
  • As far as culinary skills—good news for TCC— those that people wished they had learned are own our menu of options for culinary professionals to incorporate into their 8-10 classroom visits, including: knife skills, how to cook vegetables and cutting vegetables

In addition to talking with “new” friends, the day was peppered with visits from long-time amigos and allies. These are the folks whose presence reminds me to exhale; I am thankful for their support and their purchases!


By 8pm, my voice had gone a little groggy. We packed up the table; now, all the more lovely for the “leaves” of feedback our “trees” had grown throughout the days. On my bicycle I  rode towards home with the best kind of tired—the sort that results from giving your energy to something that your passionate about.

It is my good fortune to share that Whole Foods Market generously returned that energy in the form of  $2,239.98 which was raised for The Curriculum of Cuisine on our 5% day in March.


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