Our Two-Cents on Your Two-Cents

If you’re playing along with us here, you already know how incredibly generous Whole Foods has been to The Curriculum of Cuisine. Their support has shown up through a Charity Supper in November, a forthcoming 5% day in March (more on that real soon!), and making TCC a recipient of the “Dime for Change” campaign at  check -out stands across the city.

We are so thankful to Whole Foods. ♥

A quick update here though on donating your bag refund to TCC at Whole Foods:

At the moment, Whole Foods is doing their big prosperity campaign for their Whole Planet Foundation (www.wholeplanetfoundation.com) so your bag credit will go there at all stores–give it!Image

A bag refund option for The Curriculum of Cuisine will return at the Hollywood Whole Foods in March and run until April 13th, and at the Laurelhurst Whole Foods on E. Burnside from the 1st April  to July 7th.


We are so thankful to you. ♥