Bag it!: Give TCC your bag credit at Whole Foods Hollywood NOW (through March!)

Please bring your own bag…and purchase your groceries two items at a time—HA!

Nothing short of thrilled to have The Curriculum of Cuisine be one of the three great organizations chosen by the Whole Foods Hollywood store as a quarterly (that’s three months if you don’t think like a banker; you know I had to ask) recipient for their bag donation project!Image

When you shop at Whole Foods Hollywood (4301 NE Sandy Blvd), do remember your bag, and please consider donating your bag credit to The Curriulum of Cuisine. 

Whole Foods Hollywood & The Curriculum of Cuisine—working to make food education happen in high schools, ten cents at a time!

P.S. Thanks to Casey rocking the register at WF for her good-heart and enthusiasm. Also, to Mr. Ahearne for taking the photos (xo).



Notes on the Whole Foods Sunday Supper Benefit: A Month of Percolating in Gratitude

It’s just shy of one month since the Whole Foods Charity Supper for The Curriculum of Cuisine. Over this time, the magnitude of that evening has really, as this blog’s tile implies, had time to register in my heart and my head. Image

The evening of November 17th was spectacular. Period. The event simply could not have been what it was without the company of 33 fabulous and generous diners as well as the team behind the scenes. Healthy Living Coach Jessie Moore lovingly and deliciously filled our bellies. Anna Landreth offered a space, Magnolia’s Corner, that elevated the affair to a stunning place of simple elagence. Vinter Scott Macindoe pleased palates and intellects with his wonderful wines and wisdom. Rebecca Van Damm documented the whole evening with more social network savvy than my analog girl status can fathom.


My well-steeped appreciation for these fine folks parallels my ever-deepening commitment to making this program a reality for as many students as possible. November’s Sunday Supper serves a palpable (and lasting) reminder to me that this work of food education is rooted in collaborative efforts—from farmers and patrons, planners and chefs, to school administrators and community service organizations; it is through working together that we can best feed the minds and bellies of our youth.

Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Meeting

The annual Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network meeting was on 11/21, and I was honored to have the opportunity to share more about The Curriculum of Cuisine with such a gifted, and action-driven group of folks. I reconnected with a number of people I’ve met previously, and also had the good fortune of spending meaningful time in conversation (and contemplation) with Renee Carr at OSU Extension. I also finally had the chance to cross paths in person with Deborah Kane. We talked fast and furious about shaping food education at the national level. (As you might imagine, I have some ideas about this…)


Hanging out with this passionate bunch of farm to school folks reemphasized to me the simple sense it makes to have essential culinary skills education wherever there is a school garden. That way we are fostering learning from seed to table. Yes, please!