Change can happen when “___millions are served” in a healthier way

I never imagined I would be giving some props to Mickey D’s, but I received the following  article from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation late last month. Here’s the story, McDonald’s has agreed to partner with the Alliance to do the following:

“The commitment is built around a comprehensive plan to increase access to fruits and vegetables and create a marketing strategy that inspires children and families to make healthier choices.

McDonald’s has specifically committed to:

  • All customers can substitute a side salad, fruit, or vegetable as a substitute for French fries in value meals

The commitment also includes the following related to the promotion and advertising of Happy Meals:

  • Only promote and market water, milk, and juice as beverages in Happy Meals on menu boards and in-store and external advertising
  • Utilize Happy Meal and other packaging innovations and designs to generate excitement for fruit, vegetable, low/reduced-fat dairy, or water options for kids
  • Dedicate Happy Meal box or bag panels to communicate a fun nutrition or children’s well-being message
  • Ensure 100 percent of all advertising directed to children will include a fun nutrition or children’s well-being message”

Good news to pass along my people!



It happened in May. Now it’s October, and I’m still flattered about this one!

Back in May, Jamie Oliver (yes, that Jamie with the hair, the accent, the  delightfully delvislish grin, and uhh, that inspiring level of commitment to educating and inspiring youth to eat well) caught word of The Curriculum of Cuisine, and Seeds of Cuisine pilot program. It’s safe to say I’ve been wholly flattered, and partially flabbergasted about this recognition since then, and perhaps that’s why it’s taken me so long to share.

Inhale, exhale, swoon–here is the story, Jamie featured TCC and The Seeds of Cuisine on his amazing site, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, check it out:

My plan is to keep pestering his “people” so that maybe he’d be a guest chef with TCC next year?

Sounds like a good idea to me!Image